Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How To Deal With Difficult Women

When you encounter a difficult woman the best thing to do is end the interaction early.

Some women assume that it is the man's job to handle their bratty behaviour, and if he doesn't he's not man enough. Don't fall into the trap of trying to prove yourself to these women. They are not taking responsibility for their actions and prefer to blame the man for their shortcomings (which is a feminist tradition).

Also, women from foreign (less feminist) countries who become acclimatized to the city are sometimes the most difficult and are the biggest bitches. It's as if the sharp contrast makes them lose their mind.

A post I wrote on my other blog explains in more detail how to deal with difficult women.


Dennis said...

I agree. A few weeks ago I was out at Bar Louie here in the Chicago area and this hot brunette saw me and blew me a kiss from across the room. A few minutes later I approached. She apparently got exasperated that she couldn't hear what I was saying because of the loud music and wanted to leave the bar altogether. Then this random guy comes up and buys her and her friend shots. The hot girl didn't want it, so I took the shot. Halfway through me drinking it, the bitch takes the fucking glass out of my hand and finishes it off herself. I waved her off, got up went back to my side of the bar from whence I came. Then the bitch had the nerve to tap me on the back to say goodbye. She was one of the most arrogant bitches I've ever experienced.

The moral of the story is this: if the energy of the interaction is low, get up and walk away. Don't say anything more. If it's uncomfortable, leave. Period. A difficult woman will remain difficult.

Vittorio said...

Dennis, you did good. The best thing to do sometimes is walk away. Chicks like that always show their true colors early on, I guess because they've gotten away with it so many times before. But once in a while they meet someone who won't take their shit.

Brian O'Dwyer said...

What's wrong with that? the guy bought the drink for her, just decided she wanted some after all. It's only a drink, was she entertaining your company and being nice otherwise? sounds like she was wondering why you were walking off...