Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good Looks Don't Help That Much

If a woman has issues, good looks won't help you, and since many women have issues, good looking guys are going to encounter the same problems as every other guy; problems such as uptightness, coldness, etc. The difference is that the problems might come out a bit later. So after she spends the first few minutes admiring your looks, you start running into the same problems other guys do. Also, some issues are compounded if you are good looking; such as girls thinking you can get anyone you want, so you don't need them, therefore they take it upon themselves to reject you first. Or, they are going to be the one girl you can't have (as if to make a political statement). So if every girl thinks like this, guess what, you never hook up. But women seem blind to this fact. The truth is that women act very collectively (more so than men) despite their individual insistence that they are different from other girls. This false sense of individuality can be used to fool women in large numbers, as some players do.

As a good looking guy, I personally never hook up with girls that think I get all the girls, and make a big deal out of it. I only hook up with girls that don't care who else I hook up with.

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