Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Famous Men Get Laid Because Of Exposure

Being famous doesn't generate attraction. It might enhance it but it's not the direct cause. You can be attractive without being famous, but exposure from being famous will open many more doors. Plus if you are say, a rock star, a sexual (party) vibe is already established and sex is much more likely to be a byproduct of that. Clearly, Bill Gates does not fit into this category. He does not have groupies lining up for him during one of his events.


Anonymous said...

I would not know. I am the opposite of famous, obscure. I don't get laid whatsoever. I don't even get phone numbers or dates even from women who are unattractive. The people I know that get laid by virtue of being married are always does guys with a good degree, lawyer, architect, Ph.D etc. and/or have women throw themselves at them by virtue of their good looks.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill Gates does and can get laid like a rock star. He is reported to have gone to a Bilderburg get together and as far as I know that is supposed to be some kind of orgy.