Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Fall For The Famous Line

As activism among men continues to increase it is inevitable that some women (and manginas) will try to discourage us by saying things like:

Keep on keeping on boys with this notion of "taking the power back"...I hope you enjoy jerking off.

My response:

Actually, looking back at some of my experiences, the payoff just wasn't there, so jerking off would definitely have been the better option. And it's a good thing men have this backup system for biological reasons. So as long as you have a functioning right (or left) hand women should have no power over you LOL.

But enough humor, men are starting to take the power back, or at least their balance of the power. So trying to discourage them using the "jerking off" angle is not going to work indefinitely. Eventually, it's going to be like a button that stops working when pressed, so you keep pressing and pressing hoping for something to happen, but nothing does. That day will come.

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