Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does Social Status Make You More Attractive?

It can help, but it's not the essential "ingredient" in what makes a man attractive.

What makes a man attractive are basically his mannerisms, the way he talks, and the way he looks. And if he has social status as well that's just a bonus. But in terms of what makes a woman want to fuck a man, social status is not the key requirement.

In general, an effeminate man with high social status will be less attractive than a burly construction worker with low social status.

Just the fact that you are a man (period) means many women will naturally want to fuck you. This assumes of course you take care of yourself, are relaxed and confident in yourself, and aren't grossly out of shape. And this also assumes you aren't a feminized modern representation of a man, such as a metrosexual.

It's pretty simple. It's in your genes to be attractive. What messes things up are the artificial requirements (e.g. laundry list) people create when looking for significant others. People are not meant to be super-picky. It's self-defeating to be this way since we are going beyond what we want naturally and what we are naturally capable of giving to others.

Women who seek men with social status are in some ways prostituting themselves in exchange for social goodies. These men aren't necessarily the most attractive, but then neither are the men a hooker will fuck for cash. But it is nice if these men are attractive to begin with, since that makes the situation more tolerable.

However, social status can be a "cue" that maybe the guy has some masculine traits worth checking out, and it can open doors the same way great looks can open doors, but it's not necessarily the end-all and be-all. How many times have you heard a woman say that she was really hot for a good looking guy (or CEO) until he opened his mouth?

For men it's not that different. We are naturally attracted to women who have youthful and fit bodies. This means men are willing to have sex with most any woman who takes care of herself and has a great figure. Whether or not a woman has social status won't factor into this decision because, quite frankly, men don't care. In a primitive sense, men are more self-reliant than women, so it's not that important for us to acquire social "leverage" for survival purposes. It's not in our DNA to care about that sort of thing, since it doesn't contribute to our ability to survive.

But a woman's sexual decisions can in part be based on how they will affect her social status, and it won't necessarily have anything to do with genuine sexual desire, just a conscious interest in improving her chances of survival, using whatever bargaining tools she has at her disposal. This isn't necessary these days though, since we are no longer living in a patriarchy (especially in western societies). We are living in an egalitarian society, where sexual choices are less constrained. This basically means women are free to fuck whoever they want without having to wonder, "what do I get out of it?" (unless they are prostitutes of course).

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