Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do You Need Game?

No, you don't need game to get women. However, some guys use "game" (e.g. canned game) and are successful with it because the alternative is they have nothing to say, so they need something to work with. If you have no personality and poor social skills then game will help you. But if you already have a personality and social skills, game is redundant and unnecessary.

Also, the notion of game implies that getting women requires a special skill set. This is simply not true, and it goes against the (proven) fact that women like self-confident men who don't try to impress them.

I personally act normal and talk about everyday things with women and they are just as attracted as they ever were back when I was using game. This is because I'm not trying to impress them, and I'm not needy for their attention. And in fact, the only difference between the conversations I'll have with a guy versus a girl is that with the girl I throw in some occasional flirting and maybe have sex with her. But other than this, there is no difference in my communication style.

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