Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do Women Test?

To answer this, let's look at what some consider to be examples of women testing men:

• Women giving you a hard time

• Women who deliberately try to make you angry because they enjoy male aggression

These should not be considered normal or acceptable. They point to shortcomings in the women and have nothing to do with how the men should respond.

Some people think women test men for alpha traits. The problem with this statement is that alpha men don't care about passing anyone's tests. So the only test a woman can "administer" is to see if you don't care to pass tests. But this is too abstract a concept. So one can conclude that the argument is false. Now, it's possible that a woman may "test" briefly in the beginning, but once the man firmly establishes the boundaries she should by rights stop testing immediately, and if she doesn't then she is not interested in being with a strong man. She is only interested in being a difficult person (a brat).

However, there are times when women just want to know who you are. Them asking questions is not a test. For example, if you are exhibiting mixed behaviour women may call you on it because they are confused on where you stand. That's not a test. It is just you not being consistent in your actions. Men who learn seduction frequently give off mixed messages through their strange behaviour, and when the women call them on it, they refer to it as a "shit test". So they go through elaborate strategies to pass these perceived tests, when it was their behaviour that triggered it. It had nothing to do with the women testing. Years ago I stopped using the material I learned in the seduction community, and as a result all the "shit testing" stopped.

Some men get sucked into an endless cycle of always having to pass "shit tests". The women get used to throwing "curveballs" and watching the guy responding to them using his "arsenal" of techniques (in order to prove himself). It's a fun game for them. And it takes these men a lot of effort to keep it going.

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