Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Cockblocker

In club environments, the cockblocker, also known as the protective "mother hen" is the one who interrupts romance before it ever materializes. She usually does this by taking her girlfriends under her wing to confer with them in the universal meeting room known as "the washroom". It seems that in clubs, women make all their major decisions in the washroom, usually following a cockblocking episode.

Cockblocking happens most often when you are showing strong interest in a girl, but can also happen (less often) if she shows interest in you. Her friend takes her by the hand for an "emergency meeting" in the washroom, and off they go. Sometimes it's to discuss logistics (if she plans on going home with you). Other times, she will never return, meaning they voted against you -- not necessarily in a democratic way either -- her friend probably convinced her not to go through with it. However, this means that the target female was not capable of making her own decisions, so she is probably not someone fun to be with anyway. So in a way it's a filtering mechanism for the strong women who do what they want even in the face of their friend's disapproval.

The way to deal with cockblocks in general is to avoid situations that give rise to them, meaning don't hit on girls, just talk to them, be chilled out and relaxed, and let them come to you. Doing it this way cockblocks become much less frequent.

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