Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Attraction Is Established Early

Going on long dates is unnecessary. Women always say they know right away if they would have sex with a man (it's true, and men are the same). But at the same time many women also say they need to get to know a man first before having sex. This exposes the lie.

Another lie (or rather, myth) is that women are justified in waiting because it helps ensure the guy isn't "dirty". Their argument is, if the guy is willing to have sex right away then he obviously does that with everyone, therefore he must be dirty. But consider this, a guy can wait three dates before having sex with every girl and still have tons of sexual conquests. Moreover, he can rotate his schedule to fit in a large number of girls and in such a way to give each girl the impression that he "isn't the type to sleep around", and still end up bedding large numbers of women. And because these women have their guard down (because he's willing to wait) he may end up bedding more women than the guy who fucks right away.

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