Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plentyoffish Is Biased

A while back, the dating website Plentyoffish deleted a post I made in the forum in which I commented on the unoriginality of many women's profiles. It seems that freedom of speech is not permitted when you have a (politically incorrect) opinion critical of the actions of some.

I had read about this sort of thing happening to other guys, so I'm not too surprised it happened to me as well. But fortunately I saved a copy of the "offending" post given that it might just end up in oblivion under the heavy-handedness of the feminazi forum moderators. Here is the post below:

Comment on Women's Profiles

I have read many women's profiles and have found that a great deal of them sound generic and unoriginal. The same type of themes keep coming up over and over, such as: "looking for Mr. Right", "looking for butterflies", "like to have fun", "enjoy walks on the beach", "enjoy nice dinners", "want a guy who can make me laugh", and if they're from the Toronto area: "must like dogs".

Don't get me wrong, these are all nice things, but the problem is that there is a lack of individuality. Furthermore, these type of profiles don't give guys anything to work with in terms of writing a response. And if they do respond it's almost certain that the response is going to be unoriginal as well. In reality, it tends to reflect the unoriginality of the profile which they are responding to. And it's funny, one of the biggest complaints women have is that the guys write simple (boring) responses which lack substance. IMO you cannot complain about that if the profile you wrote is equally lacking in substance.

But just for the sake of argument, let's imagine what a man could say in response to the above themes:

"I'm also looking for butterflies"

"Yes I like dogs too, and I can make you laugh...let's talk"

Now this would of course sound fake. Result: delete

Now, I've read a few profiles where the women really make the effort to dig deep into who they are. They aren't trying to follow convention like most people do and basically just tell the truth about themselves. And the result is a profile worth responding to.

The other thing I've noticed is that the more "sexy" pictures a woman has up, the greater the chance that she will write a generic unoriginal profile. But these women are hardly crying for attention since the pictures are all the bait that's needed for most guys.

I think if guys make a point of only messaging women who write good profiles with sufficient detail and originality then you would see things become much more balanced around here. And both sides would benefit.

* * * * *

So the question becomes, how does one speak out against something that he or she knows to be true but which may make some people uncomfortable. The fact is, the truth sometimes IS uncomfortable. That's life. But you can't censor honest opinion just to protect the sensitivities of certain groups of people.

But this isn't the first incident I've experienced with Plentyoffish. They deleted another one of my posts in the past which basically said that men should stop chasing after women.

Apparently, whether a thread is deleted or not is based on community vote. Sounds pretty democratic right? But the problem is that the community members (e.g. the moderators) are not democratically minded. The site, in particular the forums, are full of anti-male vitriol and pro-female platitudes. It's something I always noticed and I figured at the time it was just the result of unbalanced points of view. But now I'm convinced that it's in large part the result of censoring.

Economically speaking, it makes sense for the site owner - Markus (sell out) Frind - to structure the site so that it panders to women. This will lure more women to the site. And where the women go legions of men will be sure to follow. This means more ad revenue since the majority of the members are always men. For every woman that he can get to sign up, something 2-3 men will follow. It's a brilliant business model. But it's also very exploitive, using the weakness and desperation of many men as a market tool to drive up profits. And he can tout the fact that it's a free site all he wants. But in fact, there is a price to be paid. It is paid by the men who are on the receiving end of the fraudulent and discriminatory practices of the site.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I don't even bother. I'm one of the 94% (that's the actual statistic, isn't it?) of men that gave up on these stupid sites within weeks of making a profile. Can't stand pedestalisation of any group of people, including women.

Alexander said...

After going through similar experiences I came to terms with the fact that dating sites are useless as, no matter how much effort you put into writing a deep, original and thought-provoking self description, as well as equally grammatically correct and well-structured messages, the result was quite the same: there is simply no answer. Further, there are some rare occasions when the girl, on the message to whom you spent half an hour or even more, did not even look into your profile. Well then, I decided to do an experiment. I took a really hot, single picture of a young woman with a provocative look and a sparse dress, leaning on a table where a couple of shot glasses were on display. I also wrote a profile description from the sort of "I'm very down to earth and easy going. I like a good movie and a dinner with friends. I generally like any type of music- RnB, Hip-Hop, house anything really. I would like to meet a guy who can make me laugh and who will be nice to hang out with, no douches plz." In the three days after posting this profile I got more than 50 messages, a few roses, some guys were so persistent that they sent me more than 3 messages, despite the fact that I didn't reply to any. Not surprisingly, I found the experience utterly repulsive.

Actually, I am going to make the experiment again and will post the results after I get them.

John said...

The only consistent and sane solution for internet dating is to let the women message you, and then they will tend to backwards rationalize that they made the right choice in picking you. It works to your favor.

Out of all the crappy options to meet women I have found that internet dating at least allows me to meet women once in a while, even though it too is a crappy option, all things considered.

Phil Atio said...

Hello gents, well I did some self research signed up for the sites and was able to determine 2 things
1. Several administrators on sites like pof, lavalife,etc ADMITTED that most of these highly attractive female profiles were false. Which explains why they are all so similar. They are just guys stealing pictures of attractive girls and using it to send out viruses. B. The other group are girls who make fake girl profiles trying to catch cheating boy friends (sigh I know)
2. It makes sense when you think about, I mean would a highly attractive girl in toronto really be single at age 24-29?
Most likely not. Even if she was she could find a bf through her friends networks. And if she couldn't she could go to a club, and if she couldnt do any of those then she is probably crazy to begin with. Also these profiles login and out at similar times.
3. I'd rate the internet as the worst form/way to pick up a girl. to be honest I'd rather pick up girls in a club/ university party followed by on the street because at least you get a response. the worst thing that can happen on the street is that the girl ignores you because she is uptight/ doesn't have time for you; but most will acknowledge your exist if you re decent looking and have decent game and be somewhat open to meeting.

However on the internet women do not even f---ing respond. I'd rather real life where a single hot girl might meet me again if I impress her a little or she is at least convinced i'm not a rapist, then a place where no chance of a reply is possible.

alex brown said...

"enjoy nice dinners"

Yeah enjoy them on your own dime princess! lolol

I hate waste, I like self restraint and being fugal. Wasting money on fancy dinning doesn't impress me much.