Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chivalry Only Works In A Patriarchy

Now that women have gained equal rights, it's no longer necessary for men to be chivalrous. The special treatment consisting of holding doors open, buying gifts, buying her dinner, and so on, only make sense if women are in a lower social class than men. It's a form of generosity, and a way of humbling yourself to someone who is below you in the social hierarchy.

But nowadays, because women are in the same social class as men (in western societies) it makes no sense to humble yourself to them. If you do, it's basically giving them special treatment (and in extreme cases, "ass kissing"). Naturally, given the current social reality, this behaviour creates a sense of entitlement in many women. And it is presumed by these women that this practice should continue using the excuse that it's part of "tradition". But the chivalry card is no longer justified in a society where men and women both have the same rights and privileges.

Back in the time of patriarchies, chivalry was considered as the man winning over the "fair lady". But nowadays this behaviour is considered as the man trying to get the "hot babe". This is no longer coming from a position of strength, but is coming from a position of subservience, and supplication. And also, the attitude of women towards this behaviour is different than it once was. At one time women would have genuinely appreciated it given their lower position in the social ladder. But now, women are more likely to regard it as redundant, and in some cases an entitlement (i.e. the spoiled princess syndrome).

So, know that chivalry is totally unnecessary in this day and age. You can do without it. But if you do decide to use it make sure you are coming from the right place. Make sure you are coming from a place of strength and generosity. And make sure your time (and money) is valued by the women who receive your good will. And if you find that it is not, stop doing it.


nevermore said...

Excellent post. As the Craigslist OP of "Make her pay for dinner,heres how,its easy" I will "borrow " if I may segments of this material to try to convince men in 50 North American cities to stop being pussyboys.Glad to join your ranks .I love being a voice to this mens outrage thats long overdue

Vittorio said...

Awesome man! You're free to borrow material from any of the posts here. And I'll keep adding posts as I think of new stuff to talk about. I'll be watching Craigslist to see how this unfolds.

Dylan said...

I 100% agree I always bring this up to my sister and all I get in return is that if I am not chivalrous then my girlfriend won't like me as much and I'm being a mean selfish tool. It doesn't make sense to pay for the dinner and all this other stuff if in business and everywhere else outside of the relationship, the woman is given treated at an equal level. GREAT POST!!!

Abdullah said...

Women say (intellectually) that they want Egaliterianism (matriarchy) but they biologically and spiritually crave patriarchy/chivalry, except for a few hardcore feminists.

A females rejection of chivalry is just a facade to filter out the matriarchal men (hooligans) from the patriarchal men (noble men).

So don't think you are kissing-ass if you treat a woman with chivalry, unless she is a hardcore feminist. Believe me, most women are not hardcore feminists.

It is in the spiritual nature of the truely feminine to lean on a man of nobility and strength who truely cherishes her.

Secretly a woman craves to be cherished by a chivalrous man, and she is willing to have sex with you if she feels you are a chivalrous man at heart.

So don't be a cheapo. Make a woman feel special. If she doesn't give in, withdraw the special treatment. She will come back to you when she is ready. Never beg. Don't be used. Be wise.

Tap into your natural male wisdom. It is in you. Good luck.