Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chemistry Is Bullshit

Many women make a big deal out of needing chemistry and sparks to connect with a man. Well gentlemen, chemistry is pretty much bullshit, and I'll tell you why.

Chemistry is a self-induced construct brought on by too much exposure to daytime TV and romanticized ideals. It's based on the delusional belief that the grass is always greener and that there's always a better deal out there.

Chemistry is also a convenient way of shifting responsibility away from yourself and onto others, so that you never have to take any share of the blame when things don't work out. You simply say that an indescribable something was "lacking" and move on. Many women habitually pull out the chemistry card when trying to justify why they can never meet anyone they like.

This pattern of behaviour has strong ties to the consumerist mindset. If there is a slight flaw in the packaging the "product" is overlooked. And we all know how much women love to shop.

Consider that you could have a better personality and be better looking than a woman but she might still feel that something is lacking. This is quite common by the way.

Often times these women go into interactions with a lack of enthusiasm, and a dismissive attitude. So it's no wonder they never seem to connect with anyone.

Nowhere in the chemistry manual does it say that women need to look at themselves and make the effort, and that is the problem.

For some women, the pursuit of chemistry is basically the pursuit of emotions, not compatibility. They want a drug in the form of a man to give them those highs and lows that they crave. Women tend to be more hedonistic than men (think chocolate) so this tends to be more an issue with them.

The other thing about chemistry is that women have the capacity to not care about it when the circumstances benefit them. Consider that some women will sleep with you if it gives their self-esteem a boost. Why do you think college girls chase after frat boys so much? Because these are usually the guys with high status on campus. These guys could be total dorks in person but because these girls can gain social status by fucking them, chemistry isn't an issue. The same goes for rock stars and groupies.

If you want to see for yourself how irrelevant chemistry is, tell a woman who flaked on you that you just want to be friends, and watch how friendly she becomes towards you. Who knows, she might even seduce you. That happened to me. Twice.

There are only two things that matter when meeting someone -- attraction and compatibility; which basically means that you are willing to sleep with them AND you get along well. That's all you need. Why do you think friends with benefits works so well? Because it's based on attraction and compatibility, not pretenses.

So guys, don't worry about giving women chemistry and sparks. It's a fantasy concept. When you meet a woman just act natural, and don't try to be something you aren't. This way, if things don't work out it will either be her fault or no one's fault.


Anonymous said...

This was spot on for the most part, minus the whole paragraph about sleeping with frat boys. The laughed at the notion of them having any kind of "high status". Quite frankly, I look down upon them. Also, the entire paragraph just makes you seem whiny and bitter. Just delete it and your analysis would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

If chemistry and sparks were so important, then how come you see couples everywhere who were platonic friends for months and sometimes years before they became lovers and relationship partners??