Monday, May 25, 2009

The Best Women

Here's an insider tip which some men are aware of. But probably most aren't.

In general and statistically speaking, the best women are the ones that are seeking short-term fun, or friends with benefits. Why is that? The reason is simple. Women who seek long term committed relationships are in the "high risk" category for being manipulative. For instance, if you go to a bookstore, you'll see that virtually all the books that teach women how to get a man are geared towards long-term committed relationships, or marriage. And most (if not all) teach manipulation tactics (e.g. The Rules).

But there are no books that teach women how to score a one-night stand or casual flings because (generally speaking) that's easy to get and it's not the "prize" many women are after. As a result, manipulation is not nearly as tempting a strategy for achieving this.

So, to bypass most of the trickery and potential for deceit, focus only on women who want no-strings sex.

Now, I will say that it is possible to succeed by starting off in long-term relationship mode, but it's quite risky because so many women who consciously seek this have been indoctrinated into the belief that manipulation is the way to go to attract and keep a man. You can blame the media and pop culture for that.

Now, I'm sure there are women who genuinely seek long-term relationships and who don't want to manipulate. But you will have to deal with a lot of bad women and invest a lot of time to find someone worthwhile using this approach. And it could take a negative toll on your psyche. So the best way is to start off casual no matter what and tell women upfront that this is what you want. And then maybe get into a relationship down the road (if that's what you want). That's the healthy and most risk free path to take. You avoid most of the game players and manipulators. And in fact, some of the healthiest relationships are the ones that start off casually. The reason: no games.

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